SkeleCore is the latest product innovation from DuctSox! DuctSox has found the solution to fabric duct droop! While in the deflated mode, SkeleCore maximizes the open shape and does not deflate. This allows for smoother and quieter inflation upon equipment start up and gives an increased aesthetic appearance when deflated.
SkeleCore is a Cylindrical Tensioning Device (CTD) for fabric ductwork systems that:

  • Keeps fabric ductwork taut and fully round even in the deflated mode.
  • Improves aesthetics and minimizes fabric wrinkling.
  • Prevents inflation “pop” at start up.
  • Extends fabric life by minimizing wear and tear on fabric and attachment points.
  • Easily retrofitted to existing suspension systems.
  • Requires less installation time for two row hanging systems and slides easily into the DuctSox System.
  • You get all the benefits of a fabric duct system, such as significant cost savings in materials and labor versus a metal duct and diffuser system.