The Price Intelligent Controller (PIC) is a universal DDC control package that offers a new level of zone control.
An advanced and configurable proportional integral (PI) controller allows for exceptional user comfort and energy efficiency. Installation of the controller and thermostat is simple and error proof with RJ-45 (network type) connections to the thermostat. The PIC is available with several thermostat options allowing the designer to match the specific needs of the customer. Every model of thermostat has an RJ-12 service port allowing setup and configuration access without having
to access the plenum.

PIC Features
Fast and error proof RJ-45 thermostat connections
Integrated actuator
24 VAC binary switched outputs field switchable between hot and common
Analog (0-10 VDC) outputs configurable for heating, cooling, fan and auxiliary
Field installable expansion modules for BACnet MS/TP and VAV flow sensing
Pluggable terminal blocks for easy field wiring
Diagnostic LED’s showing status of each output including damper direction