Triatek Venturi Valves: VV Series
Available in aluminum or stainless steel, the Triatek VV Series Venturi Valve is ideal for controlling air flow for both supply and return or exhaust ducts based on the CFM flow set by the actuator.

Pressure independent, the variable volume valve maintains a set air volume over a range of 0.6 to 3”WC. As static pressure increases, the internal spring compresses to maintain a constant volume of air. A decrease of the static pressure results in the internal spring expanding and moving the cone to increase the annular area; thereby maintaining a constant volume.

In its normal operating mode, the Venturi valve is pressure independent so that the flow is constant based on the specific actuator positions. Flow control using the Venturi valve is linear throughout its control range.

Other features of the Triatek Venturi Valve include:

Constant flow control
Linear control
Sound attenuated available