10 Reasons to use Uponor PEX Tubing

1.  Uponor PEX is clean, healthy and safe: no solder, flux, glues or solvents to worry about
2.  Uponor PEX has a 25-year warranty on plumbing systems and a 30-year warranty on radiant heating systems when installed by an Uponor-trained installer
3.  Uponor PEX has a long history of proven performance:
a. More than 12 billion feet in service worldwide
b. Thirty-five years of successful service in demanding applications

4.  Uponor PEX offers the top fitting systems on the market:
   a. Visual system eliminates guesswork
   b. A connection that is even stronger than the tubing
   c. Millions of fittings in service with virtually no callbacks
5.  Uponor PEX offers total system quality:
   a. Process control of tubing from start to finish
   b. Industry’s most extensive testing (internal and external)
6.  Uponor PEX offers outstanding performance characteristics:
   a. Lightweight
   b. Quiet: no water-hammer worries
   c. Highly freeze-resistant
   d. Low thermal transfer: virtually sweat-free
   e. Thermal memory allows for easy repairs of kinked tubing
    f. Corrosion-resistance
7.  Uponor PEX is a complete plumbing system:
a. Sizes range from 3/8″ to 2″
b. Engineered plastic (EP) and
    brass fittings
c. EP and copper manifolds
d. Many tool and fitting options
8.  Uponor PEX is simple and quick to install, saving time and money
9.  Uponor continually provides innovative new products and applications.
10.  Uponor offers the industry’s leading support package: sales, marketing, technical, codes and training.